Spotfire Ltd

Spotfire who are a first time exhibitor at Firex, have produced a dual-purpose CCTV camera which has the ability to detect flame and criminal activity within the camera’s field of view. Video Flame Detection is relatively new technology in detecting fires: the F/Cam offers a fast and reliable response once a flame is detected. For many buildings, particularly those with vast open areas - for example large atriums and high ceilings (internal) and vulnerable outdoor areas - the use of traditional fire detection methods may be impractical, ineffective, difficult and expensive to maintain and operate. Video flame detection works through the F/Cam by automatically analysing images and looking for characteristics that indicate the presence of fire. One of the most important benefits of the F/Cam is that it can activate an alarm within seconds of a flame appearing within the field of view of the camera. Conventional detectors, which are at the heart of most fire protection systems, will only react to fire when smoke/heat reaches the detector. Tests have shown that the F/Cam can detect a fire in real time, typically within 4 – 20 seconds. It has been developed to include the entire fire-detection capability inside the camera. As a result, the video output can be connected to an existing CCTV system. Fire detection information is available separately by means of voltage-free contacts that can be connected to a number of different pieces of equipment, such as audible alarm systems or speech diallers. RS485 for connection to a monitoring station is included.

161 College Street
WA10 1TY
St Helens, Merseyside
United Kingdom

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