Smoke and Fire Curtains Ltd

Smoke and Fire Curtains Ltd was founded in 2005 and specialises in the manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of automatic fire and smoke curtains; this system is similar to a roller shutter but has a curtain made of a woven fibre glass fire-resistant material and comes with an electronic control panel and battery backup system in case of a power failure. Smoke & Fire Curtains Ltd supplies and installs fire curtains globally, with distributors in U.A.E, India, Norway, Ireland, Portugal, Latvia, Cyprus, New Zealand and Canada to name just a few. All manufacturing processes and quality control procedures are documented and controlled to our in-house standards and to our ISO 9001 certification. The fire curtain system provides both fire and smoke compartmentalisation, allowing for a safe passage of escape; this is ideal for servery hatches, lobbies and stairwells in schools, hospitals, museums, offices, retail outlets and as an alternative for fire doors in properties...

9 Brook Street
Leicester, Leicestershire
United Kingdom

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