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Remote Surveillance, the European distributor and integrator of Thermal Imaging Radar (TIR).  Thermal Imaging Radar high-performance thermal camera with an intelligent geospatial platform that provides for a state-of-the-art observation and detection solution.

TIR's specialized "inside-out coverage" approach to observation and detection is an industry changing philosophy. Where conventional systems have focused on perimeter protection through a number of cameras focused on real or virtual perimeters, Thermal Radar's ability to cost-effectively produce a 360 degree HD field of view from a single camera is revolutionary. Using this approach, a single camera can be placed at the center of the desired protected zone and will detect any incursions.  

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Thermal Radar over Standard CCTV for Solar Farm Developments
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Thermal Radar over Standard CCTV for Solar Farm Developments

Traditional methodology of securing a solar farm consists of CCTV Cameras / PIR Detectors positioned around the the perimeter of the installation. Our unique approach to security provides new levels of detection across the whole site using an "inside o...

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