PTSD Resolution

PTSD Resolution is a charity that provides therapy for the mental welfare of Forces’ Veterans, Reservists and their families suffering from trauma, with a near 8 out of 10 success rate and over 2,500 referrals to date.

The symptoms of military trauma can result in family breakdown, job loss, addiction and suicide. Veterans or family members who believe they may be suffering the symptoms of trauma or PTSD should seek help immediately.

*Free help for Veterans and families* Confidential, no GP referral needed *Local help, UK network of therapists* Fast, issues usually resolved in average of 5 sessions *Availability, 1st session booked often in days* Results monitored and reported *Compassionate: you don't have to talk about the events* Cost-effective, £550 per program, all funded from public donations

Use of your donations: we've no salaried staff, offices or assets; funds are used to pay therapists t...

PTSD Resolution
T: 07906849501

C/O Chantry House
BN21 1BF
Eastbourne, East Sussex
United Kingdom

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