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PROTECT  is a manufacturer of security products capable of protecting people and property against burglary and robbery.

Our business is solely about security fog. We are specialized, innovative and dedicated in this field.

We believe security fog can defeat criminals and significantly reduce crime anywhere in the world. We can protect you and your valuables in seconds. We can create a safer world, make people happier and businesses more prosperous.

Protect Italia Srl
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Warehouses are targeted by professional criminals because of the volume of goods kept there. The premises have easy access and are remotely located.

Most warehouses have a security guard combined with an alarm system. But because of the warehouse’s large area and the remote location, this isn’t enough to keep the burglars out.

PROTECT Security Fog System is the perfect solution. Our powerful Fog Cannon™ fog machines fill a room in seconds, regardless of the size of the premises.

The photo shows a line of Fog Cannon™ fog machines closing the area between the large industry doors and the actual goods. It is impossible for the criminals to navigate in the fog and with the clever pulse function settings, the Fog Cannon™ fog machine can maintain the level of fog even though the industry doors are open.

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