KP Electronic Systems Ltd

KP Electronic Systems LTD. is a world renowned manufacturer of Long Range wireless networks for the Security industry. More than two million end-points, with thousands of networks are deployed in more than 85 countries around the world.
There are many reasons for using a KP alarm transmission network, including the following major benefits:
Reliability – private network dedicated for alarm transmission only – no third party dependency Security – operation on a licensed frequency, which is secure and practically impossible to block (unlike cellular solutions)Cost – cost of alarm transmitters and communication charges is significantly lower than any other solution Communication speed – signals are received at control center within a split second Compatibility – alarm transmitter is compatible with any alarm panel, transmitting data wirelessly in Contact ID format

Founded in 1987 by Yoram and Shalva Kenig, KP maintains offices in Israel and the USA, employing over 100 engineers, technicians, and support personnel. Corporate headquarters and main production facilities are situated in the Tefen Industrial Park in Israel. The North American sales office is situated in Horsham, PA.

KP partners with overseas distributors to provide close customer support in more than 85 countries. Millions of transmitters and transceivers around the world provide reliable and secure 24-hour radio alarm communication and monitoring services for private, corporate, and government customers.

Proven reliable in all types of field conditions, KP’s custom-designed solutions meet a wide range of customer requirements for radio data-communications.

Since it was established in 1987, KP has been a world leader in the design, development, and production of long-range wireless alarm signaling equipment. KP's wireless alarm transmission platforms offer a professional and reliable wireless network, which can serve tens of thousands of end units. LARS? is the most effective solution in the marketplace for alarm transmission, for both performance and price.

KP Strengths:

* Radio-data communication specialists * More than 2,000,000 RF alarm transmitters installed around the globe since 1987* In-house production and R&D* Synthesized one-way and two-way transmitters and transceivers* Reliable radio coverage for any size application* Nationwide systems* FCC, CE and EN approvals, as well as many other international standards* Full portfolio – RF & Cellular* Affordable infrastructure means monitoring companies can become their own service providers* Full technical support 

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