iQ-Roads secures orders worth over $5m

23 Apr 2012

Having implemented its Advanced Surveillance systems in Airports, Railways and other organizations around the world, iOmniscient has now brought its technology to bear on the Intelligent Road Transport sector. The c...

Having implemented its Advanced Surveillance systems in Airports, Railways and other organizations around the world, iOmniscient has now brought its technology to bear on the Intelligent Road Transport sector. The company studied in depth the requirements for Road Traffic Management and the issues faced by current users of such systems and developed a comprehensive portfolio of new capabilities to address these.

Mr Xiao Ling, GM of ITTS said, “We have deployed Intelligent Road Transportation Systems in several locations. In talking to our customers we discovered that a large number of them were dissatisfied with the previous systems that they had implemented primarily because these systems suffered from a large number of false alarms.  iOmniscient’s artificial intelligence based NAMS is a proven solution for this problem.” NAMS (Nuisance Alarm Minimization System), which arms all iOmniscient products, help to reduce false alarms due to light variations, environmental factors, and irrelevant objects – such as small animals.

Three unique iQ-Roads packages for Intelligent Road Transportation (for highways, tunnels and urban centers) are now available. 

Each package has applications suited for that particular environment. In addition to all the general road transport applications, iQ-Roads: Highways has applications to detect over-speeding and the detection of accidents, whereas iQ-Roads: Urban can detect congestion buildup and jaywalking. iQ-Roads: Tunnels includes an early warning smoke and fire detection capability.

Working closely with its customers, iOmniscient has designed two levels of packages – a simple pack which corresponds to all the applications that are currently available from a variety of suppliers to this market and an advanced pack that includes a range of capabilities that can be of great value in the management of roads and traffic. Even at the simple level, iOmniscient’s system, through many shootouts, has proven to be more accurate and reliable than any of the competing systems. The intent has been to fulfill the specific requirements of the various departments involved, including traffic management, infringement penalty management, security, safety, and other operational management. The packages, which are generically called iQ-Roads, operate as a single integrated system to ensure quick distribution of information to all those authorized to receive it when an event occurs.

Using iOmniscient’s internationally patented Non Motion Detection (NMD) capability, the advanced iQ-Roads packages are able to perform over 45 complex detections even with congested traffic and significant obscuration from large vehicles.

The optional License Plate Recognition module, which can operate without any external triggers, can be used to compare vehicles with a variety of databases.

Another internationally patented and award winning innovation, iQ-Hawk, allows the convergence of detection and recognition simultaneously on the same camera. Using this, the identification of vehicles for the provision of infringement notices for specific types of offences can be completely automated.

Many processes and activities such as the detection of major accidents and the immediate alerting of the nearest police vehicle in the vicinity can be automated.

All the systems have a built-in Video Management and HealthCheck capability and the Dynamic Mapping system provides the user with a very friendly interface.

The iQ-Roads packages are very cost effective in comparison to traditional road and traffic systems. For instance, many License Plate Recognition systems require expensive radar or underground induction loops to recognize that a vehicle is approaching. iOmniscient’s system can automatically detect an oncoming vehicle and it can trigger the recognition of the number plate if an event is detected. The total cost of implementing the system can therefore be reduced significantly.

The iQ-Roads package is available as a complete solution consisting of software, cameras and edge based hardware accelerators for increasing performance.

Several large scale systems have been implemented in some of the most difficult traffic environments in countries like China, India and Kazakhstan. Since the introduction of the iQ-Roads package, the company has already secured more than US$5million worth of business.


About iOmniscient

iOmniscient is one of the international leaders in Video Analytics and unlike other video analytics suppliers it has the internationally patented ability to perform complex detections in crowded scenes which makes it useful for public areas such as airports, railways, roads and public buildings. In addition to its comprehensive suite of Detection Systems it also has the most comprehensive Identification systems for both vehicles (using license plate recognition) and people (using Facial Recognition). All iOmniscient systems have a unique in-built Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) to help eliminate false alarms – a major differentiator against its competitors. Please visit for further company and product information.

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