iOmniscient Pty Ltd.

iOmniscient is the world leader in Video Analysis with a comprehensive portfolio, including Audio & Smell Analysis. It has internationally patented technologies to analyze realistic, complex and extremely crowded spaces. iOmniscient provides the most comprehensive suite of Detection, Recognition and Automated Surveillance Systems. The systems are designed to cater to numerous applications like from simple intrusion and counting systems to unique object detection in a crowd, multi-lingual License Plate Recognition, world’s first non-co-operative Facial Recognition for Crowded Scenes, Detection of unusual people behaviors and many more. Its award winning products include Face Recognition in a Crowd and iQ-Hawk for automated surveillance. All iOmniscient systems are armed with its Artificial Intelligence based Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) to help eliminate false alarms while maintaining detection accuracy. iOmniscient has won many international awards for its i...

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