iOmniscient – 10 years of pioneering Video Analytics

23 Apr 2012

iOmniscient has recently celebrated its 10th birthday and continues to be recognized as the worldwide leader in the technology of video analytics. The company was established in Australia (2001). The comp...

iOmniscient has recently celebrated its 10th birthday and continues to be recognized as the worldwide leader in the technology of video analytics. The company was established in Australia (2001). The company founders, Dr Rustom Kanga and Ms Ivy Li, set three objectives for the company when it began: to develop the world’s most advanced intelligent surveillance technology; to develop the most comprehensive portfolio of applications; and to lower the cost of ownership to make the products affordable for its customers. Today, iOmniscient can certainly claim it has achieved each of these objectives. But the technology is at the start of its evolution curve.

”In 1915 the airplane industry was 10 years old. You will recall what planes were like then and what they are today,” explained Dr Kanga. “The Video Analytics industry is now 10 years old. We are very proud of what has been achieved so far. However we are only at the start of a long journey. In another 10 years the technology that we will have will be far superior to that which exists today. iOmniscient is committed to continue to lead in the evolution of this technology.”

“The last 10 years have not been easy,” explained Ms Li. “We have had to educate our potential customers as the ‘expert consultants’ of the past really had no expertise in implementing or even in specifying this technology of the future. The Global Financial Crisis also played a positive part. It wiped out or severely constrained many newcomers who were highly leveraged with Venture Capital money. Since the company is profitable and has no external funding it did not suffer from these financial problems allowing it to increase its technology lead over its competitors.”

New suppliers of video analytics continue to enter the market every month. iOmniscient has managed to maintain its lead by ensuring it has the most comprehensive suite of detection and recognition capabilities and by making sure that in each product category it remains the Best in Class. Today, 12 out of 20 of the world’s largest System Integrators have selected iOmniscient as their Video Analytics partner of choice.

From the beginning, the company founders wanted to engineer video analytics products which could handle the crowded and complex scenes of the real world. iOmniscient is still the only video analytics supplier in the world which can operate in such environments due to its internationally patented algorithms. So whether it is face recognition, abandoned object detection or counting, iOmniscient’s engineers are focused on making these technologies work in the most difficult scenes. The ability to minimize false alarms has been a key factor in maintaining its reputation.

Several years ago Dr. Rustom Kanga (iOmniscient CEO) stated “We can do anything that any of our competitors can do and we do it better. And of course we do a whole range of things that no one else can do”. To this day, no competitor has been able to provide contrary evidence.

Through the achievement of multiple awards across virtually every continent, iOmniscient has been recognized for its accomplishment. With over 30,000 licenses sold worldwide to businesses of all sizes and industries the company is grateful to its customers and business partners for helping it to reach this birthday milestone.


About iOmniscient

iOmniscient is one of the international leaders in Video Analytics and unlike other video analytics suppliers it has the internationally patented ability to perform complex detections in crowded scenes which makes it useful for public areas such as airports, railways, roads and public buildings. In addition to its comprehensive suite of Detection Systems it also has the most comprehensive Identification systems for both vehicles (using License Plate Recognition) and people (using Facial Recognition). All iOmniscient systems have a unique in-built Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) to help eliminate false alarms – a major differentiator against its competitors. Please visit for further company and product information.

For more information about these topics or to schedule an interview with Dr Rustom Kanga please email [email protected] or phone +61 2 9411 7776.

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