i3system, Inc

i3system, Inc. founded in 1998, has developed cooled & uncooled infrared detectors for thermal imaging cameras uniquely in Korea. i3system, inc. is officially designated as a military product contractor for Korean military since 2010 by Korean government.
We also expanded our business to X-ray imaging detectors for dental X-ray imaging equipments such as panoramic and cephalometric systems.Based on core business of cooled infrared detector for Korean military, we rapidly catch up uncooled infrared detector & engine module to focus on commercial market such as security, surveillance, radiometry devices and night vision systems.Now we are expanding our business into overseas countries with qualified products proven for its reliability and performance in the military and space application.i3system, Inc. always welcomes customer's inquires and suggestions to grow together in the market.Thank you very much, and please always keep in touch w...

i3system, Inc
T: +82 42 360 2503

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