Elite System Solutions Ltd.

Manufacturer/Distributor of AHD high resolution megapixel mobile DVR solutions/AHD or high res analogue vehicle cameras solutions/mobile CCTV solution Provider Elite System Solutions Ltd. was established in 2013 by dedicated, experienced professionals in the security and mobile surveillance industry. We uniquely combine both professional manufacturers in the Far East with UK local distribution channels to provide our customers the solutions they have been looking for – high quality (0.58% return rate based on the past 3 years), low prices and most important of all, goods can be obtained in a timely manner and with the best UK local sales & technical support. We have various tailor-made AHD megapixels or analogue solutions for buses, taxis, police cars, emergency vehicles, logistics, cash-in-transit vans etc. Whether you are a vehicle fleet owner or in the vehicle fleet management sector, we have just the solution for you – an user-friendly monitoring solution t...

Elite System Solutions
Berkshire House
252/256 Kings Road, 4F, Suite 56,
Reading, Berkshire

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