Directors Dupe Public Out of Millions

11 Mar 2019

Shakespeare Classic Line Ltd was run from Nunhold Business Park in Hatton, Warwickshire, whereby they fraudulently sold a fractional ownership share in a fleet of yachts as an investment to unsuspecting members of the public, which involved aggressive and unfair commercial practises and fraudulent trading.

This fraud was brought to the attention of Expert Investigations by one of the victims, who had no interest at the time from the bank, who were underwriting the finance agreements for Shakespeare Classic Line or by the Warwickshire Trading Standards (WTS). This forced the victim to seek an alternative remedy to free them of the fraudulent contract that they had been duped into signing.

We took the case and used a variety of investigative methods to gather the evidence needed to prove fraudulent activity was taking place; such as going undercover and using former Police interviewing techniques to gain as much evidence as possible.

Based on covert evidence supplied by us, Warwick Crown Court in Leamington charged two fraudsters, Andrew Stephen Harris and David Keith Evans and their company, Shakespeare Classic Line Ltd on 12 counts of fraud.

On the 21st November 2013 Andrew Stephen Harris received 54 months imprisonment and is disqualified as a director of a limited company for 5 years and Mr David Keith Evans received 21 months imprisonment suspended for two years and disqualified from being a director for 2 years. The victim stood to lose £21,000 to this fraud but from spending just £500 with Expert Investigations, after 3 days there was enough evidence to make a case to bring these fraudsters to justice.

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