ZKTeco launches its latest GDPR Compliant Solutions at IFSEC 2018

13 Jun 2018

ZKTECO, global leader in biometric security solutions, will be showcasing its latest products at IFSEC 2018. Having observed the general misconceptions companies have been having surrounding this very complex new European directive, ZKTeco is in the process of ensuring that all its operations and solutions management be GDPR compliant. But more importantly, we are taking advantage of IFSEC so that our partners and future partners can come talk to us where we can clarify what GDPR entails particularly for biometric solutions.

At IFSEC our team will be there as part of the Show Me How initiative, first and foremost detailing how data protection in ZKTeco hardware works, and here we would like to outline a few points to consider when managing ZKTeco hardware:

- Biometric templates are stored in the data file of the ZKTeco Biometric Recognition terminal or controller.
- This terminal or controller is protected by a password.- Nobody can access any biometric templates without a password.

- Biometric templates can only be recognized by the ZKTeco algorithm and cannot be converted outside of this algorithm into biometric pictures.
- ZKTeco Biometric templates cannot be recognized by other biometric algorithms.

So how do our Biometric scanners work? 

The match is determined using points of interest (minutia) on the fingerprint, such as ridge bifurcations and ridge endings, and only these specific characteristics, which are unique to every fingerprint, are filtered and saved as an encrypted biometric key or mathematical representation. No image of a fingerprint is ever saved, only a series of numbers (binary code), which is used for verification. The algorithm cannot be reconverted to an image, so no one can duplicate the fingerprint.

The proportion of the orbit against its external side, the proportion of the length of the bridge of the nose against the width of the wing of the nose and so on—these proportional relations determined by the facial bones constitute numerous nodes. Statistical calculation is then conducted in accordance with these nodes to set up a data model and parse the face of a person into a matrix composed of numbers, which, in turn, are transformed into the language readable by the computer. In this way, the person’s face is transformed into numbers with aid of the computer, which are calculated bit by bit and a group of characteristic data is finally extracted to express the entire face of the person. This group of data can also be called face lines. The face lines that are acquired are stored, compared, searched and handled to constitute the major application fields for current facial technology. The face identification system measures these nodes in accordance with the rules to acquire images and produce a numeric code. A common face identification system needs the data of about 22 nodes to complete the identification process.

All ZKTeco manufactured biometric devices (fingerprint, finger vein, facial, palm, etc.) that ZKTeco manufactures only collects certain characteristic points and never complete images of the characteristic and, therefore, it is not possible to restore or obtain the original biometric data.  

But how is the data communication protected? 

ZKTeco offers its latest HTTPS Push Protocol to communicate between its security hardware through encrypted data to any 3rd party software solution, or with its own ZKBiosecurity all in one web-based security platform which centralizes access, entrance and elevator control with CCTV, T&A, Visitor, Parking and Patrol Management.

Finally, GDPR also involves the correspondence and management of personal and sensitive data between companies. ZKTeco takes this part very seriously as it proudly has over 1000 partners in Europe alone. All data it receives related to any and all of its partners is carefully protected and managed. To read more about this you can read our complete communication regarding ZKTeco’s GDPR compliance and internal management of this, by visiting our website.

ZKTeco wishes everybody a very successful IFSEC 2018, and we look forward to meeting you there!

Your ZKTeco Team.

T: +353 1 8427470

Dublin Airport Business Park

ZKTeco at IFSEC 2018
Product News

ZKTeco at IFSEC 2018

ZKTeco is once again getting revved up for another big show at IFSEC 2018, our 7th time exhibiting!

During the 3 days at London’s Excel Exhibition Centre, you will be able to find us at Stand F235 – where we will be showcasing our latest product range of biometric security and time management solutions, including ZKTeco's new video surveillance and access control integration system.

Furthermore, our exclusive Green Label product line, biometric turnstile range, innovative door locks and new metal detector solutions.

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