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11 Apr 2013


Functionality and design are no longer mutually exclusive as proven by the late...


Functionality and design are no longer mutually exclusive as proven by the latest XT-series of products from Adatis. Also, touchscreen operation, which has revolutionised smartphones, has finally arrived at your company entrance and allows for multi-functionality, where many different and heterogeneous products were required beforehand.

FaceEntry-XT brings biometric facial recognition to the outside environment: The built-in 3D scanner detects faces in front of the unit without any user interaction, makes a 3D face scan and compares a 3D feature set with biometric templates of enrolled employees. The biometric templates may be stored inside the unit for true stand-alone operation, on a server or on an RFID card. 3D facial recognition provides the highest level of security, as only three-dimensional structures of the face are used for identification or verification. Gaining access with a photo is impossible. 

In addition to the access control function, TouchEntry-XT and FaceEntry-XT are fully featured door intercom units for audiovisual visitor communication. Data transmission is based on the international Voice-over-IP standard SIP to any SIP (picture) phone, smartphone app or the Adatis "Doorkeeper" application. The devices works with SIP servers like Asterisk, as well as via gateways with conventional PBXs. The high-quality audio processing with a specialised audio DSP enables full-duplex speakerphone function with acoustic echo cancellation and high fidelity audio.

The 5.7" colour screen with projected capacitive touch enables intuitive usage: By tapping the screen, you can ring the door bell or call your point of contact directly from the telephone listing. The look-and-feel of the LCD user interface can be freely tailored according to the needs and taste of the customer: not only the display of the company logo, but also features like pin code entry, time & attendance screen or presentation of company information, all can be realised by downloading new software into the unit.

The devices communicate via Ethernet and are powered by Power-over-Ethernet. Alternatively as an option, any existing 2-wire line  such as bell wire may be used for communication. In this case, electrical power is provided over the same wire pair. 2-wire communication is encrypted according to the AES128 standard in order to guard against wire-tapping.

The built-in colour camera with megapixel resolution is used for audiovisual communication, makes snapshots on demand for each entry and enables remote video surveillance of the entrance area. The camera has a wide angle lens with 100 degree coverage and provides electronic pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ). The video images are transmitted via H.264, M-JPEG or JPEG.

The products of the XT series are designed for outdoor use, suitable either for surface or flush mounting, and provide environmental protection according to IP65. The display is sunlight-readable and protected behind a high-strength safety glass of the latest generation. Furthermore, the device offers poke protection for speakers and an acceleration sensor against tampering.

Timeless design and quality workmanship of the housing will turn your company entrance into a representative flagship, for both, indoor as well as outdoor use.

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