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21 Mar 2018

Qognify introduces ACI – Access Control Insights solution, extending the value of existing Access Control Systems

Qognify, the leader in big data solutions for physical security and operations, today announced, that it will introduce ACI, an Access Control Insights solution, during ISC West 2018. Using machine learning data analytics, Qognify ACI uses smart pattern recognition to transform data from access control systems into information that can be used to improve security and operations.

Access Control Systems (ACS) are a central component in security management, holding a wealth of data with significant operational impact. Qognify ACI reveals the information within this data to answer and address daily security challenges.

Is a certain unauthorized access a mistake, or an attempted fraud? Is a door-open-too-long an innocent overlook, or a threat from internal/external sources?  Is a cardholder access late at night a regular course of business or a suspicious action? Should this person be accessing this location so frequently?

Being able to effectively differentiate one from the other can be sometimes impossible and certainly critical in a busy operations or security control center.

Qognify ACI utilizes machine learning data analytics to extend the value of an investment made by organizations in their Access Control Systems:

  • Cardholders’ activity information is monitored and analyzed continuously, yielding individual behavior patterns.
  • Consequently, out-of-the-ordinary behaviors are reported via alerts.
  • Business logic rules are utilized for improved response to critical alarms.
With Qognify ACI, organizations will benefit from smart pattern recognition, a reduction in fines (where access breaches are regulated and penalized), improved safety and security through an insightful sensor inspection plan and adherence to compliance with organizational security plans.

A strong example of the potential benefit is shared by an international airport in the United States which is deploying Qognify’ ACI:

“According to TSA’s regulations, in every Door-Forced-Open case, airports have three minutes to arrive at the location, 12 minutes to report and 15 mins to close the incident.”
“After that, TSA must be notified of a security breach. While it may sound very simple to use the mass notification system, in reality, out of dozens of door breaches per day, there are about 10% of where the case isn’t closed within these 15 minutes. We sometimes just get too busy and miss the mark. Every time this happens, an investigation with the TSA is opened, and the airport might be fined.”
“Having a solution that will enable us to address this specific issue, can save the Airport hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines annually.”

Qognify’s ACI is the first among a range of packaged solutions to be launched. These are pre-designed and pre-configured bundles designed to address common and specific operational or security-related challenges, using the intelligent capabilities of the market-leading Qognify portfolio, including Situator, OIC (Operational Intelligence Center) VisionHuband video analytics.

Qognify Packaged Solutions provide organizations with access to powerful capabilities, with minimal installation, faster deployment, and a short time to value. This enables organizations to accelerate their adoption of targeted solutions addressed to solve a specific challenge while having the reassurance that the solution can scale at any time, as it demonstrates clear return-on-investment and value to the business.

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