Xtralis Sets a New Performance Benchmark with Award-Winning 220 meter PIR Reducing Cost of Perimeter Protection Projects by More Than 65% Against the Leading Active IR Solution

24 Apr 2014

ADPRO PRO E-PIRs Win the Security Industry Association’s 2014 New Product Showcase (NPS) ‘Best in Outdoor Perimeter Protection’ Award

Dublin, Ireland — 22 April 2014 — Xtralis, the world’s leading provider of very early & reliable detection and remote visual verification safety and security solutions, today announced the ADPRO® PRO E-Super Long Range (SLR) passive infrared (PIR) detector, the industry’s longest range detector. This product is a member of the ADPRO PRO E-portfolio of volumetric, curtain, and directional solutions for perimeter protection that won the Security Industry Association’s 2014 New Product Showcase (NPS) ‘Best in Outdoor Perimeter Protection’ Award. The PRO E-portfolio is the evolution of our award-winning ADPRO PRO PIRs known for their superior detection performance and has been third-party tested and endorsed by Freihoff Group Langenfeld, a leading German security installer and EN50518 certified alarm receiving center.

The new portfolio delivers innovative features such as 220 meter detection range, industry leading tamper-proofing, one-man commissioning and maintenance, and wireless communication. This portfolio is designed for nearly all applications but especially for long-range perimeters such as solar parks, gas pipelines, and airports.

“We have deployed Xtralis' new PIR detectors in order to fulfill our customer's requirements for comprehensive protection of a building complex. The system has been operational for the last couple of weeks and has been performing to the fullest satisfaction of all parties,” said Kai Siegle, CEO and Technical Director of ibs Sicherheitstechnik GmbH. “The PRO E-detector's high detection rate combined with the phenomenally low nuisance alarm rate is particularly noteworthy. The system proved its worth shortly after commissioning, when a group of teenagers trespassing onto the site were reliably detected and allowed the CMS operator to address them directly through a remote audio connection and deter them from proceeding any further,” explained Siegle.

ADPRO PRO E-PIRs provide maximum detection rate with the ability to detect a fraction of a degree temperature variance from the background environment. Unlike the case with Active IR beams, an intruder cannot breach the perimeter by simply digging underneath or going above the IR beams. PRO-E 100 and 400 provide 150 and 2202 meter reach respectively, providing up to 35% cost savings versus competing PIR detectors, by reducing the number of poles required, while still providing multiple-detection zones for accurate visual verification.

“I was very impressed by the new PRO E-detectors I tested last December,” commented Till Freihoff, CEO of Freihoff Group Langenfeld. "Perimeter protection is a key issue for all our customers nowadays. For me it's essential that the sensor has a high probability of detection but also I expect a low nuisance/false alarm rates, otherwise my customers and operators will lose confidence. All of the PRO E-PIR tests were very successful. The new housing, the zero creep zone & rear-ward detection, and easy installation make PRO E-detectors ideal for tough perimeter protection challenges,” added Freihoff.

Each PRO E-PIR comes with 360PROtect™, an additional sensor built into the detector to protect the area from 1 meter around the pole/wall up to 8 meters in front of it, truly eliminating creep zones, which plague many PIRs. 360PROtect also detects surface mount removal & masking attempts and delivers separate alarms so operators can respond quickly to mitigate the threat.

PRO E-PIRs are designed to be commissioned and maintained by a single individual using the iCommission™ application available on tablets and smart phones. iCommission allows the installer to remotely adjust the vertical PIR position while performing a simple walk-test in the detection zone. This feature reduces commissioning and maintenance time & costs.

The PRO E-PIR portfolio offers a variety of models to optimally address varying perimeter, performance, and budget needs. For example, the PRO E-400H SLR reduces the number of poles, detectors, and cabling required for an installation, resulting in 65% cost savings in comparison to an active infrared barrier system. The SLR is designed to deliver superior detection performance and accurate zones (up to 7) to precisely enable cameras to provide visual verification, and when installed pointing at each other offers double-knock protection for 220 meters.

The PRO E-portfolio adds a wireless PIR solution that enables alarm & fault reports to be transferred wirelessly and eliminates trenching, cabling and conduit. Intelligent power management and battery or solar power options allow solutions that are cable-free. This solution can provide installation cost savings of up to 22% over a 10 year period.

The PRO E-portfolio seamlessly integrates with the ADPRO FastTrace 2E Remotely Managed Multi-service Gateway (RMG), via an RS-485 communication bus or via Ethernet by using the optional ADPRO PRO E-IPM, an IP-module capable of being integrated into the PRO E-housing. The PIRs signal alarm events to the RMG, and direct the local cameras to the alarm zone. With IntrusionTrace, a video content analytic (VCA) running on the RMG, operators are provided real-time visual verification of the threat for an effective and efficient response.

“The RS 485 field bus networking capability of the detectors is also of particular importance; not only does it reduce the installation costs, but also allows qualified and time saving remote maintenance and configuration access leading to high functional reliability and drastically reduced continuous operation costs,” said Bernd Carolus, Product Management Director of ibs Sicherheitstechnik GmbH. “We were also very pleased by the innovative iCommission tool for one-man-commissioning which allows time saving installation and deployment at considerably reduced staff costs,” added Carolus.

About Xtralis

Xtralis® is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the early detection and visual verification of fire, gas and security threats. Our technologies prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised. We protect high-value and irreplaceable assets belonging to the world’s top governments and businesses. Our brands include VESDA® – the world’s No.1 very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems; ICAM™ for flexible ASD; ECO™ – Gas detection & environmental monitoring modules for VESDA & ICAM systems; OSID™ – easy to use smoke detection for open areas; ADPRO® –passive infrared sensors, perimeter, multi-site, and enterprise security; HeiTel™ – digital video remote monitoring; and, ASIM® – intelligent traffic detection. To learn more, please visit www.xtralis.com/ADPRO_PRO_E_DETECTORS.

About Freihoff

Founded in 2000, Freihoff Security is a successful company in security technology and services with a 2,500 strong customer base served by over 80 employees. Engineers and technicians working hand in hand provide customized security solutions 24/7 for clients like Bayer AG, Henkel AG, BP and Europcar, certified according to ISO 9001 DIN 14675 VdS 2095 and VdS 2311. Together with its subsidiaries Protego GmbH (founded in 2009) and Bauwache GmbH (founded in 2011) it forms the Freihoff Group providing innovative security technology and solutions for private and business customers all over Europe. To learn more, please visit: http://www.freihoff.de/sicherheitsloesungen.html

About IBS

IBS consists of Pieper-Siegle GbR, IBS-Installation, Protection and Security Technology GmbH and of IBS Installations, Lighting and Power Engineering GmbH. The IBS central monitoring station is operated by trained staff 24/7. Fully digital montioring guarantees absolute safety for the protected sites. IBS is ISO 9001 certified and serves over 12000 sites in all Germany. The CMS and the installation business are recognized by the German VdS.

About the Security Industry Association

The Security Industry Association (www.securityindustry.org) is the leading trade association for electronic and physical security solution providers. SIA protects and advances its members' interests by advocating pro-industry policies and legislation at the federal and state levels; creating open industry standards that enable integration; advancing industry professionalism through education and training; opening global market opportunities; and fostering collaboration with other like-minded organizations. As a proud sponsor of ISC Expos and Conferences, and owner of the Securing New Ground Conference, SIA ensures its members have access to top-level buyers and influencers, as well as unparalleled learning and networking opportunities.

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