World’s First, Real-time Video Encryption Solution.

10 May 2019

KCS (CEO Ho-sung, Lee) has developed an IP camera security solution that uses hardware (HW) encryption chips in partnership with DEEK, which specializes in IP cameras. KCS made an announcement on 14th, Feb, 2019 that it succeeded in encrypting real-time multi-stream full HD images(2M pixel)  by applying System-On-Chip (SoC) encryption chip called 'KEV7'.
 Due to success of real-time video encryption using HW cryptography chips, physical security against hacking of IP cameras is now possible. Even if KEV7 chip is applied to network cameras, video data is optimized to store them in NVR (Network Video Recorder) and VMS (Virtual Image Management System) that are recorders without compromising performance and loss of real-time images.

269, Dongmak-ro, Mapo-gu
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