WinGuard Control Operations - Automated System Control and Monitoring

20 Feb 2017

The new WinGuard function module "Control Operations" offers a workflow enabling reliable control management (in particular for coupling of fire alarm systems). 

If fire detectors are not disabled or bypassed correctly during maintenance work, false alarms might be triggered. Especially with regard to fire alarm systems, such false alarms often have far-reaching consequences. Neither must a planned disabling of fire detectors be forgotten nor the later re-enabling, as a non-detection of a real fire would also have drastic impact.

Thus disablements are daily business using fire alarm systems. Sometimes they are also executed regularly at fixed times, and they must be performed and reversed correctly (only issuing a command is not enough).

In addition, the whole process should be documented. Until now, for managing these disablements, there have only been insufficient tools and methods available for the responsible personnel in the security control center. Although disablements and corresponding re-enablements can often be planned in advance, realization mostly is quite complicated. In addition, the user has to manually verify whether a given control command was successfully executed by checking the status. In case of multiple disablements at the same time, the user will be overwhelmed, therefore making mistakes inevitable.

With the new functional module “Control operations”, Advancis offers a workflow enabling reliable control management in parallel to regular event processing, while not being limited to the requirements for disablement of fire detectors.

Using the module, it is possible to define single or cyclical time periods during which particular data points (connected sensors and actors) will be placed into a defined target status. At the beginning or end of such a defined time period, control commands will be sent to the particular data points, either fully automatic or after confirmation. The states of the data points will be monitored then. If, after a defined tolerance time, there are deviating states remaining, e.g. due to failed control commands, this will be signaled to the user

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WinGuard is an open, independent PSIM software platform that integrates non-connected security and building systems of different manufacturers, controlling them by one single user interface. 
WinGuard centralizes control of connected systems such as e.g. CCTV, intrusion/fire detection, access contr...

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