Why you have to choose our MDVR but not common mobile DVR from the marketing?

3 May 2017

It is common that video can be store in the memory card in MDVR only but we can not be notified immediatelyduring the transportation. So video in the MDVR could be useless

if we can not have the real time video as evidence when emergency happen.   

As we all know that common MDVR with a complex & slow operation GPS alarm function but without GISgeographic information platform, we can not have the correct transportation

point of the vehicle by real time.

3) The control center has no idea about the vehicle status due to the common MDVR from the market without thefunction of transfer real time video remotely. So everything could be

happen about the oil safety. It is impossible to have a correct idea of the oil fuel volume if a common MDVR without the fuel sensor and alarm


1.3  What we can do for you ?

1) We can motor the school bus by checking the real time video & snap shot transferred by the MDVR fromdifferent cameras installed to the vehicle, such as the view from the driver side,

students” seats and bus door, etc.

2)We can control &motoring the whole process during transport by checking the real time video & photos which transferred by the MDVR from difference points of each camera.

3)Control Center will have alarm from the MDVR When the emergencies occurs. For example with a video popup alarm on electronic map screen; meanwhile the driver can also 

use intercom function to communicate with the control center.

4)The built-in GPS of MDVR allows you to have the speed of the Vehicle, fatigue driving alarm information and tracking route by real-time video from MDVR;

5)It is a useful function that you can monitor the real-time fuel volume by setting the fuel alarm in the MDVR system.

6)The control system requires authorization code to active before you can achieve the video and other data throughInternet, which are transferred to the server so that they can

monitor the vehicles by users’ computers or smart phones.

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Bus Surveillance Solution
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Bus Surveillance Solution

Public bus is one of the most important constituent parts of public transportation. The safety and fleet management of public bus has been the focus of almost any city in the world. Mobile video surveillance, as a very common technology used in public transportation, is the best solution that can ensure driver& passenger safety and provide evidence for post-incident investigation.


ICARVISIONSmobile DVR models record at 720P/1080P resolution with multiple channels available. And its client software Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) is a very effective and user friendly tool for fleet management.


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