WEY Technology Ltd

Fast, secure and efficient technology for the command and control sector

WEY Technology has been a manufacturer and provider of intelligent technology and elegant turnkey solutions for over 30 years. We specialise in high-tech keyboards and display solutions, and our Swiss built multifunctional keyboards, KVM/A solutions and IP distribution platforms have been deployed in critical control rooms around the world.

Our high quality technology is fast, secure and flexible and, in an industry where every fraction of a second counts, can always be relied on.

We develop and manufacture the majority of our products using high quality components and ultra-reliable Swiss craftsmanship. Quality products with long life cycles result in a cost effective investment. Being a manufacturer enables us to provide bespoke elements for added functionality to ensure you have the right system for your needs.

The core of our business - an...

WEY Technology Ltd
T: +31 (0)297 28 24 61

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