webeyeCMS warns Head of Security of a thief in his back garden

11 Mar 2016

The head of security was somewhat surprised when an alarm appeared on his mobile via webeyeCMS and saw the thief was standing in his own backyard.

Early one Friday morning the head of security of Scandia Vagt a/s in Denmark, dressed only in his underwear, confronted an intruder after he was woken by an alert on his webeye enabled smart phone and realised the thief was in his own back garden.

“You get a surprise when you receive an alarm via webeyeCMS and it is one's own address” says head of security Tommy Jensen. ‘Normally we respond to our customers but this call suddenly became personal”.

Tommy approached the intruder and was threatened with a large stick before the thief ran away. Tommy then put on his security uniform and gave chase after calling the police for backup.

Tommy caught the intruder in a neighbour’s garden and made a citizen’s arrest before the police arrived. The intruder was known to the police and wanted for other crimes, so they are very pleased with the efficiency of webeye CMS. 

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