Wavestore introduces version 6.4 of its award-winning VMS to deliver major enhancements for installation, security and user experience

13 Dec 2016

Wavestore, the British manufacturer of Video Management Software (VMS), has launched v6.4 of its VMS featuring a host of enhancements which allows systems integrators and end-users to get even more from their new and existing Wavestore solutions.

Unauthorised access to security systems has been a hot topic in the industry recently. In this latest release, Wavestore adds SSL and TLS protocol e-mail transmission to further protect against potential interception of alerts transmitted via e-mail to an existing long list of pre-configured security measures, which include up to 4096bit video encryption, stringent password policy enforcement, authorisation of connected devices, privilege separation and robust protection against ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks. Wavestore operates a pro-active independent vulnerability assessment programme and is committed to the continued development of security measures to protect users of its VMS.

Installation and commissioning improvements

In direct response to Partner feedback, v6.4 features built-in network diagnostic tools to aid the quick identification of network issues that could have an adverse impact on overall system performance, greatly reducing time spent on site fault-finding during commissioning. v6.4 also has a much-simplified RAID array configuration via an intuitive set-up screen directly accessed from WaveView client software. This allows authorised users to add internal drives or connected storage to RAID arrays and configure/change RAID5 and RAID6 operation as required from the comfort of the control room or a remote location. Wavestore also continues to increase its compatibility with third-party server hardware and v6.4 offers support for a much wider range.

WaveView client software user experience enhancements Several enhancements to user experience and display functionality have been included in v6.4, such as the ability to save individual camera bitrates to specific camera layouts. This is particularly useful when recalling a layout that features a high number of HD cameras where the user may wish to have low-bitrate images displayed to maximise available bandwidth and client computer processing power. If a specific camera is then selected for closer inspection, the stream can automatically switch to a higher quality bitrate. v6.4 sees the introduction of WaveView client software for Ubuntu and Redhat operating systems, adding to the already available Windows™ client software, to deliver a full Linux client and server solution.

WaveView Mobile improvements
Alongside general performance enhancements WaveView Mobile now features dual streaming support and, with layouts of 2 x 2 or greater, the application automatically selects lower bitrate streams to enable smooth video delivery to Android and iOS devices, even over bandwidth-limited connections.

Technology Partner Integration
Wavestore’s Open Platform Technology Partner Programme continues to expand with v6.4 integrating seamlessly with the latest camera models from leading vendors such as Axis, Hikvision, Dahua and Hanwha Techwin alongside several new and enhanced integration modules including Raytec LED lighting, AllGoVision video analytics and both Tattile and Intelico Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems.

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