Watford Security and access control system over SilverNet Wireless

20 Oct 2014

Wireless network CCTV solution for Watford Town Centre

An end to end SilverNet Wireless network installed by Videcom Security is providing a full IP infrastructure for the backhaul of Watford Town Centres CCTV cameras. The SilverNet Wireless network has been deployed as part of a project to upgrade the town centres video surveillance system which has also seen the opening of a new state-of-the-art CCTV and public safety control room installed in Watford Town Centre. This has been designed to help police respond quickly to any incidents, whilst also providing the opportunity to monitor traffic flow and the supply of live updates for the Highways Authority. Waltham Abbey based Videcom Security were awarded the contract to provide an IP Network based solution which would support the existing town centre cameras, whilst providing an easy upgrade path to ONVIF compliant Full HD cameras and control equipment that Watford Borough Council may wish to deploy in the future. "One of our top priorities as a council is making Watford town centre as safe as possible for residents and visitors, no matter where or when they visit" said a spokesperson for Watford Borough. The relocation of our control room within Watford Police Station means that we can provide a faster, more efficient and joined up service, and that is good news for all of us. The SilverNet's high capacity Backhaul links which provide a full duplex resilient ring, the 240 Mbps trunk links and 95 Mbps uplinks were used to facilitate the transmission of the images captured by 60 high resolution cameras located throughout the town centre to a central control room where SilverNet's SilverView Network monitoring software is working alongside a Synectics Synergy command & control solution and bespoke VNSoft remote monitoring software. By being able to take advantage of the latest advances in network wireless technology, Videcom Security were able to minimise installation time and costs by negating the need for the laying of new cabling and engineering work and also giving the local authority significant ongoing revenue savings associated with the existing Telco leased circuits which were previously used for CCTV video transmission. The SilverView network management software enables SilverNet wireless equipment and the installed video codecs or IP cameras to be collectively managed regardless of their physical location, via a PC. It features an ultra easy to use on-screen dashboard which eliminates the complexity normally associated with the management of complex network systems. "Working closely with Mike Skett of Goodwill Associates, an independent security consultancy, we utilised the expertise of our engineering team across a number of disciplines including CCTV, Electrical and Project Management, in order to meet the client's expectations for this project" said Bill Mead, Executive Director of Videcom Security. "Despite having a deadline of just twelve weeks and the challenge of working through one of the worst winters on record, we managed to complete the project on time and on budget" "SilverNet is our preferred technology partner for wireless network solutions and our decision to recommend its Wireless solution for this particular project has been more than justified by the performance of the equipment which all worked out of the box, and has helped make this project a jewel in the Videcom portfolio. The equipment was delivered exactly when we needed it and we were impressed by the support provided by the SilverNet team at every stage including site survey assistance, factory pre-testing, training and technical advice during the installation and commissioning process"

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