29 Mar 2018

Adopt 2.8-12mm motorized lens, convenient and easy operation, stable zoom process

Built-in face recognition algorithm
Support face detection of face pupil distance more than 50 pixels
Face detection, capture, comparison integrated
Can import 20000 faces library, used for comparison
In setting detection area, no-dead-corner capture standing, sitting, squatting, walking, running, cycling and various posturing person and capture to output the optimal face images.
Faster recognition and high recognition rate
Run in a uncontrolled environment
Long-term stable operation
High capture rate and capture efficiency Various transmission protocols, able to adapt to any manufacturer platform
Support Onvif , RTSP protocol
Capture image support FTP uploading, TCP protocol uploading, SDK butting uploading, breakpoint transmission
Off-line application

Room 1801-1804, Building 19
Zhonghaixin Innovation Industry City
No.11 GanLi Road 2, Buji Street
Longgang, Shenzhen

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