OUTDOOR SECURITY CAMERA - Ideal for country house, construction site, monitor anything, anywhere! These Mobile LTE surveillance cameras don't require Wi-Fi or wired connections to transmit photos on smartphone LTE connectivity. QUICK AND EASY SETUP - Each Vosker cordless surveillance camera sets up in just 5 minutes VOSKER SENSE AI IMAGE RECOGNITION - Designed with a high-definition camera that captures photography in premium detail, you'll be able to protect your area with the best A.I. recognition technology of its kind. BUILT-IN SOLAR PANEL - Ideal for outdoor use, this waterproof surveillance camera features a solar panel that powers the device outdoors, making it great as a security camera for remote areas, and/or can be powered with batteries.

120 Rue J.Aurèle-Roux
G6T 0N5
Vitoriaville, QC

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