VisionTIR specializes in the design and development of innovative multispectral vision technology systems for industrial quality control, kiln shell monitoring, process monitoring and fire detection.

Our team’s expertise includes more than 20 years of experience in machine vision systems, infrared technology and industrial process monitoring & control. VisionTIR’s systems are being installed by industrial leading companies around the world, including Mexico, Italy, Spain and South Africa. We believe our clients are partners. We aim for long-term business relationships with our partners. 

We pride ourselves on the high quality and rugged design of our products. Manufacturing facilities are located in Spain and Europe.  VisionTIR continually innovates and develops new and upgraded systems to ensure we can offer the most advanced and market competitive technology, to solve specific needs of our partners....

T: +34 951 769 884

Callle Maria Curie
No. 4, D10 PTA

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