Videmo Intelligente Videoanalyse GmbH und Co. KG

Videmo Intelligent Videoanalysis GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative company providing software systems and solutions in the field of automatic image analysis.

Founded in 2008, Videmo has grown over the years to become a developer of specialized components and solutions for the B2B domain.

Our main area of expertise is the creation of software solutions for face detection, analysis and identification. These solutions are used in multiple application fields, such as surveillance and security, market research, digital signage and multimedia analysis.They are based on our in-house developed algorithms which are constantly being improved to meet highest standards even under difficult conditions or with low resolution· images.

Our experience in the field, the intensive exchange with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the cooperation with its Institut für Anthropomatik guarantee a constant innovation drive for our partners and competent services for our clients.

Videmo’s technologies and systems are currently used by a wide range of international partners, not just in Europe, but also in the USA and Japan.

We stand for high competence, unique services and flexible support. Our innovative video analysis solutions cause technical limitations of conventional systems to disappear.

Videmo PSearch Product Information

Videmo PSearch Product Information


Videmo PSearch is the ideal complement for your video management system. For large installations, where a high number of cameras is involved, conventional software quickly reaches its limits. In order to find a specific event or person, many hours of video material from several channels has to be manually inspected. This costly process is drastically cut short through the use of PSearch, and the results are immediately available. 

PSearch analyzes the incoming video streams and preprocesses them in view of a later face recognition. In case of a suspicious event, every face can then be used as the starting point of a search query. In a matter of seconds, similar faces are found in the video database and the corresponding clips shown. This way, the movements of investigated persons can be discerned and suspicious cases swiftly cleared up.

The fully automatic indexing of video footage enables fast interactive browsing for faces. This makes it possible to quickly search for a person seen in one video channel in all othervideo channels. Besides forensic search, modular extensions are available to learn-in persons for automatic identification and for the creation of profiles.

When the first results are delivered, the user can tag these to be used as complements in a subsequent query, producing even more numerous and more precise results.This means PSearch is able to learn from the user feedback, such that the accuracy of search results ist increased in every step.

  • Automatic indexing of video material and fast browsing based on face detections
  • Face recognition based on video instead of single frames (higher accuracy)
  • Recognition of searched faces also using non-frontal views
  • Easy start of query by clicking on a face in the video stream
  • Filtering of search results based on time intervals, camera channels, age or gender
  • Quick and convenient overview of found video clips as sorted list of thumbnails
  • Learning system: Through user interaction, the search is optimized using just a few clicks
  • Fast parallel search also for large, distributed installations possible

  • Hardware and operating system - Linux operating system. PCor PC-cluster with standard-CPU (e.g.Intel Core i7orXeon), 1 CPU-core pervideo channel. Scalable to meet the demands (number of channels).
  • Architecture and integration - Scalable client-server system with graphical user interface. Integration to existing video-management solutions on request. Operation on VMS hardware possible in some cases (Linux).
  • Operations - Online-processing of all channels when real-time operation is required. Alternative offline-operation mode for selected recording intervals to reduce hardware requirements. Search is done on pre-processed video data (first results in a couple of seconds). 
  • Interface - Video acquisition directly from cameras or via VMS-API. Data exchange via XML over HTTP. Meta-data storage in proprietary database.
  • Image resolution - Recommended eye distance 40 Pixels or more. (Smaller faces possible.) 
  • Image quality - 640x480 or higher, grayscale or color.Frame rate 15fps or higher. No cast shadows, good exposure. Little compression artefacts.

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Videmo XSControl Product Information

Videmo XSControl Product Information


Videmo XSControl ist our solution for face based access control to your building or work site. A problem inherent in systems using cards or PIN codes is that cards and codes can be intentionally or unintentionally handed to unauthorized individuals. XSControl closes this security loophole: Upon access with a card or PIN code, the face of the entering person is additionally captured and automatically compared with video data from past authorized access attempts. 

The overall process is not delayed by the additional verification, since face recognition is performed in parallel, while the card is being inserted or the code entered. If an unauthorized access attempt is suspected, the event is recorded or other actions can be triggered, such as sounding an alarm or denying access.

For a person of interest, a face model can be trained and stored in Videmo XSControl, using a single photo or video. Upon passing an access point our system is able to spot the enrolled person and trigger an alert to the security operators.   

  • Combined day/night operations 
  • Indoor-and outdoor use 
  • Suitable for walk-in access,car drivers,truckdrivers 
  • No user interaction required 
  • Multiple points of access 
  • Unlimited number of permits

  • Logging of video and face image data for all access attempts
  • Easy browsing of the access logs based on access code, date/time, access point, verification result,etc. 
  • Easy and convenient enrollment of authorized personnel, for example based on passed entries 
  • Learning system: False alarms can be manuallycorrected,causing them to occur more and more seldom 
  • Integration with existing card or PIN code systems

  • Hardware: Standard-PC(e.g.Intel Core i7,4GB RAM) 1 CPU-core pervideo channel 
  • Interfaces: Scalable client-server system with graphical user interface. Connection to existing access control systems on request 
  • Speed: 1-3 seconds per passage

  • Resolution: Recommended eye distance ≥72 Pixels. (Smaller faces possible,but less recognition performance.) 
  • View: Frontal face,±15° rotation is tolerated 
  • Lighting: Homogeneous frontal lighting optimal, no cast shadows or highlights in the face region, IR-lighting possible 
  • Background: Arbitrary background, no other faces in the background 
  • Cameras: IP-cameras featuring MJPEG over HTTP , other cameras on request 
  • Resolution: 640 x480 or higher, grayscale or color

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