Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions awarded top industry honours

22 Oct 2013

Verint Systems Inc. today announced that it has received two new industry awards for its advanced Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions.

Verint Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) today announced that it has received two new industry awards for its advanced Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions.

Nextiva Video Business Intelligence earns innovative in-store surveillance distinction

Verint’s Nextiva Video Business Intelligence (VBI) was among the awarded solutions that earned the 2013 Retail Fraud Award in the category of “most innovative in-store surveillance” solution. The award program—presented by Retail Knowledge Media, a leading retail industry publication that accounts for more than 79,000 readers—recognizes the most exciting vendors and innovations designed for the retail fraud and loss prevention markets.

The Verint VBI solution was shortlisted among other surveillance solutions based on its innovative approaches to in-store surveillance, and won the honor due to its unique ability to capture and analyze shopper movement patterns to help enhance loss prevention efforts, increase conversion rates, improve operational efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction.

Nextiva Video Business Intelligence is a comprehensive intelligence platform that helps expand the application of surveillance infrastructure by using video from existing video security cameras to extract data about customer behavior, shopping patterns, employee efficiency and overall store operations.

Nextiva PSIM receives Innovation in Information Technology and Security honor

Verint was also the recipient of an innovation in information technology and security award at the 2013 Golden Bridge Awards. There, its Nextiva PSIM (physical security information management) solution was selected as a “silver-level” winner in the “integrated security solutions” category.

The Golden Bridge Business Awards were created to honor and generate industry and peer recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and individuals from around the world. Nextiva PSIM was selected based on its ability to transform raw security data into Actionable Intelligence® through the integration of multiple systems and sensors into one interface.

Nextiva PSIM generates video-centric, real-time situation intelligence from vast amounts of data to enhance security, while streamlining management and optimizing costs. The newest version of the Verint PSIM portfolio features deeper integrations with third-party systems—including video management, access control, and license plate recognition and face detection—to help reduce project delivery time and streamline usability. Its visual tracking capabilities can track subjects across cameras, leveraging proximity calculations and visual video layout to follow subjects in highly dense and complex environments.

“Verint continues to deliver surveillance solutions that enable users to easily and reliably make sense of vast amounts of video data,” says Steve Weller, senior vice president and general manager, Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions. “These recognitions demonstrate our commitment to providing technologies that meet the needs of the most complex and rigorous surveillance environments, while helping users delve into new areas of intelligence to increase security, build awareness and become more proactive.”

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