VDT welcomes the acquisition of RSI Video Technologies into Honeywell’s Security and Fire business unit

11 Mar 2016

As VDT is the largest and only value added distributor of RSI Videofied products in the UK we look forward to the new business opportunities the acquisition RSI Video Technologies by Honeywell presents.

As a leading global manufacturer of electronic security and life safety technologies Honeywell brings an enhanced global reach to our product offering. The acquisition of RSI Video Technologies by such an important global player reinforces the confidence they have in video technology and see it as the future in verifying and reducing false alarms.

Honeywell are in the process of seamlessly integrating RSI Video Technologies and themselves into one company. We’ll continue to offer Videofied products and technical support as usual and look forward to offering an enhanced range in the future.

We believe Videofied works best when integrated into webeye CMS - the fully managed cloud based automated professional monitoring solution. The platform should not be mistaken for self monitoring - it does send the alarm receipt and delivery direct to the user but, unlike self monitoring, webeyeCMS also automatically monitors the alarm process verifying the alarm has been archived and audits all activity making it the perfect management tool. The system is not limited by human capability or errors making it infinitely more reliable. The patent pending PADARC alarm process has unprecedented checks and balances and it’s unique escalation process makes it ideally placed to fulfil the increasing monetary constraints and greater efficiencies required within the security industry.

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