VCA’s Intelligent People Tracker designed to enhance the customer shopping experience

18 Oct 2016

Combining 3D imaging technology with sophisticated footfall analysis software, the new VCA IPT-1000MR Intelligent People Tracker provides an easy to install, low cost solution for retailers who want to improve the customer experience by minimising queuing times at checkouts.

The VCA IPT-1000MR offers a highly accurate method of measuring customer-waiting times at the point of sale or ATMs, and can generate real-time alerts to store management when queuing time or queue lengths exceed pre-defined thresholds. Whilst monitoring stationary queues, it can even identify customers who ‘give-up’ and walk away.


With an accuracy level that exceeds what can normally be expected from older generations of thermal sensors and stereoscopic cameras, the IPT-1000MR is equipped with state-of-the-art infrared sensor and specially designed lens. It also takes advantage of VCA’s highly acclaimed analytics that has been utilised worldwide in over 350,000 video channels.

“The IPT-1000MR is able to provide retailers with valuable business intelligence to ensure sales are not lost because of customer frustration at having to wait too long to pay in long queue lines,” says Andy Frost, VCA’s European Sales Manager for the Retail Sector. “It has a price point which makes it affordable for multiple store deployment and, as is the case with all our footfall analytics solutions, it is designed to assist retailers to maintain customer satisfaction and improve productivity, whilst making best use of human resources.”

“Much thought has gone into its design of the IPT-1000MR to make it quick and easy to install. For example, it features ‘tilt angle detection’ which reduces installation time by minimising calibration requirements and as an IP network device, it can be set up or adjusted through a standard web browser.”

In order to analyse the data captured by the IPT-1000MR, users can take advantage of its built-in counting and queue applications software or they can use VCA’s cloud based uCountit people counting and tracking reporting solution. uCountit’s stripped down Dashboard, developed as a direct result of feedback from existing retail clients, presents the analysed metadata in the form of simple charts, heat maps and reports. The reports provide real-time information for each store, by hour or day of the week, presented in an understandable format. There is also the potential for retailers to integrate the IPT-1000MR with their EPOs systems and other business intelligence tools.

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