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10 May 2016

VCA has launched a new comprehensive range of high definition IP network video devices which feature its highly acclaimed analytics technology.

VCA continues to offer its analytics technology as an OEM solution, which can be incorporated into other manufacturers’ cameras and software, and in addition is now also offering its own brand of competitively priced products to assist installers and systems integrators to generate new revenue streams beyond the traditional security sector. 

As an OEM solution, VCA analytics has been deployed worldwide in excess of 250,000 video channels and has been very successful in providing an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution for a wide range of applications including, people counting, dwell and intrusion detection, vehicle monitoring and tailgating. 

“We see our highly affordable range of analytics devices generating significant new business opportunities in two distinct market sectors, i.e. intelligent perimeter protection and business intelligence,” said Kevin Waterhouse, Executive Vice President, Global Sales for VCA. “Whilst   our OEM business remains robust and continues to grow, we will now be offering our own brand range with pre and post sales support services directly to installers and systems integrators so that they can benefit from our experience and knowledge of these specific market sectors.”

Intelligent Perimeter Protection
'False alarms continue to be a major issue for organisations who need an effective perimeter protection solution to detect intruders. It is now taken for granted that high definition cameras from any reputable manufacturer should be able to capture evidence grade images. However, our on-board video analytics significantly upgrades the capability of our cameras, which should perhaps be better described as ‘Intelligent Video Detectors’. They provide a greater opportunity for installers, remote monitoring centres and end-users, to work together to reduce  the time consuming and costly impact of false alarms.'

Business Intelligence
The video analytics incorporated into all the new VCA camera models also opens up the opportunity to gather reliable and verifiable data to help a diverse range of businesses and organisations such as banks, casinos, hospitals, educational establishments, retailers and hospitality venues, to achieve a greater understanding of the behaviour of people who work or visit their premises.

This means that in addition to providing security personnel with a very powerful tool to detect and combat theft and other criminal activity, the technology is also capable of capturing metadata which can be graphically displayed in customisable reports, to provide marketing, health & safety, human resources and other operational departments with the information they need to achieve their business objectives. 

VCA Technology
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