The New EN50155 Certified Option for Rail Network Managed Ethernet Switch-TPS-3082GT-M12-BP1

14 Mar 2013

   With the progress of technology, railway transportation service is upgrading and diversifying. At the same time, the traditional railway communication – CCTV – is confronting limi...


 With the progress of technology, railway transportation service is upgrading and diversifying. At the same time, the traditional railway communication – CCTV – is confronting limitations. On the other hand, IP surveillance nowadays becomes the main stream of the market because of its network function, flexibility and diversified service. IP surveillance not only breaks through the traditional barriers, but also enhances railway transportation security of with the full-scale integrated system of computer, communication and other equipment. For intelligent applications, IP surveillance displays service condition, fully implements security protection and successfully reduces the occurrence of dangerous condition and accidents. In the control center, staff can monitor both the passengers and equipment all the time; moreover, they can transmit the high quality data timely and storage the digital signals in cloud. Through the networking signals, IP surveillance offers entertainment services to passengers, making the trip more comfortable and suits different needs. 
For the transportation under harsh environment, ORing Industrial Network Corp., the global leading brand company of industrial Ethernet, presented serial of EN50155 certified Ethernet switches and unmanaged PoE (Power over Ethernet) Ethernet switch. These products gain great feedback in the field and were fully utilized in transportation in different countries all over the world. Therefore, ORing released the latest product – the managed PoE Ethernet switch which compliant with EN50155 certification –TPS-3082GT-M12-BP1.
TPS-3082GT-M12-BP1 offers 8 sets of PoE ports based on IEEE 802.3af standard with M12 connectors, each of the ports supports 15.4 Watts of 48VDC power input. And its 2 gigabit ports offer Bypass function. The PSE system sustains power supply for IEEE 802.3af compatible system (PDs), including the surveillance equipment, wireless AP and IP phones, etc. Meanwhile, TPS-3082GT-M12-BP1 is equipped with the fast redundant Ethernet technology – O-Ring, its recovery time is less than 10 ms. With its dual redundant power input, it enhances the reliability and stability of communication. There are two ports designed with Bypass feature to fulfill 82GT-M12-BP1, these two ports are like the other ports in the normal condition. But when the power is down, the built-in Bypass circuit will connect these two ports and make the network signals passing the break down Ethernet switch successfully. The wide range of operating temperature id from -40 to 70°C, the IP40 housing and M12 connectors assure the stable data transmission of transportation under the harsh environment. 
TPS-3082GT-M12-BP1 combines the powerful networking management-Open Vision_v3.5 (Network managed software ). Open Vision_v3.5 can work with the Google Map, providing the visualization and map management. Through this system, user can control and monitor the condition of all the Ethernet switches remotely. While system malfunction happened, TPS-3082GT-M12-BP1 offers real-time alarm system. Worth to notice that TPS-3082GT-M12-BP1 enhances its redundant function through the Bypass of the software and hardware, it is the best choice for railway transportation.
ORing provides professional, various products and localize after-sale service all over the world. For any particular query about the products, please refer to our website or directly e-mail to [email protected]. We would love to offer you the most suitable and efficient service.
Product feature
  • Provide 8 ports 10/100ase-T(X) 15.4W P.S.E. + 2 ports 10/100/1000Base-T(X).
  • Support O-Ring, Open-Ring, O-RSTP, O-Chain and fast recovery mode Ethernet Redundancy Technology.
  • Support VLAN, QOS, IGMP, DHCP, SNMP, RMON and LLDP management protocol.
  • Provided Relay bypass function with two gigabit ports.
  • Windows utility (Open-Vision) support centralized management and configurable by Web-based ,Telnet, and Console (CLI).
  • Gigabit ports supports one power down bypass function to bypass transmission package.
  • M12 connectors to guarantee reliable operation against environmental disturbances.
  • Supports dual 48VDC power input with M12 connector (5-pin A-coding).
  • Max. power consumption : 9 Watts (PoE output not included).
  • Provide overload current protection.
  • IP-40 housing designed.
  • Operating Temperature : -40 to 70°C (-40 to 185°F).

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