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18 Apr 2013

TDSi’s integrated security, access and fire system protects Finishing Brands UK Ltd

To integrate its security, access control and fire safety systems and provide the most rapid of response times, leading producer of spray finishing technology, Finishing Brands UK Ltd is using TDSi’s controllers and EXgarde PRO software, installed by security expert Onetec.

Finishing Brands UK Ltd, based in Bournemouth, Dorset, is using the powerful integration ability of TDSi’s EXgarde Pro software and highly reliable and user-friendly Excel 4 access controllers to provide a secure building services solution, protecting the firm’s manufacturing and Research and Development facilities from intruders and the threat of fire.

Reflecting on the completion of the project, Dave Feast, Director at Onetec commented, “Finishing brands UK Ltd has a reputation for excellence and its state-of-art facility in Bournemouth requires a modern, highly organised and efficient security, access control and integrated building services system to protect its people and investments. Having carefully surveyed the site we recommended the company use TDSi’s Excel 4 controllers for controlling doors and EXgarde PRO software to oversee the site’s full security network.”

Onetec’s installation encompasses 20 doors at the site and caters for 300 authorised users who use TDSi EXprox proximity mullion readers to gain entry. With excellent reliability and a reading range of up to 150mm, EXprox readers are highly reliable and make it simple for permitted staff to move easily around the building, whilst being vandal resistant to frustrate any attempts at vandalism or unapproved entry.

The installation also includes TDSi Excel 4 access controllers which are ideal for the application, as Dave Feast explained, “Excel 4 controllers offer a powerful, user-friendly and cost-effective way to remotely control doorway access via either a WAN or LAN connection. They are also straightforward to install, being commissioned through a TCP/IP port and are fully integrated with EXgarde PRO for constant monitoring at a central point – which means doors can be sealed or opened either to deal with an intrusion or to protect occupants in the event of a fire or other emergency situation.“

To offer a cost-effective installation process, Onetec installed EXgarde PRO on Finishing Brand UK Ltd’s existing IT system, using a virtual server setup. This means the security system is still kept safely separate from the rest of the company’s IT storage, but didn’t require the installation of additional unnecessary IT hardware.

Using EXgarde PRO was a perfect solution as TDSi’s Account Manager, Alex Rumsey added, “As well as offering powerful integration of access control, CCTV and fire control systems, EXgarde PRO features animated graphical icons and contextually sensitive help, so it can be operated intuitively with a minimum of operator training. It also offers a fully-configurable; automated database backup facility in case of an emergency and offers a wide scope for any future evolution of the security needs. Finishing Brand UK Ltd’s security can easily be up-scaled if expansion for more doors or more sites is needed – with the ability to integrate with the latest generation of biometric readers (such as facial readers for example) if this is required. It is also ideal for the company’s integration with fire reporting and muster direction in the event of an incident. The security team can be alerted and take rapid action to ensure that people using the facility can be safely evacuated and the Fire and Rescue Services quickly and reliably updated on the situation.”

T: +45 88 300 300

Unit 10 Concept Park
Innovation Close
BH12 4QT
Poole, Dorset
United Kingdom

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