TDS Visitor Solution successfully running in Google Offices

13 Mar 2017


TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd. worked in partnership with Google to create a visitor management system that allowed for integration into Google’s current access control system and internal systems to provide a safe and secure working system for staff and on-site personnel. Google’s number one objective is to focus on the user and all else will follow. With this in mind, TDS worked with a  hardware design company, Evoke, the TDS Visitor kiosks were designed and built to provide a straightforward and efficient user experience combined with a unique design – in keeping with Google’s famously tech-led office environments. The pioneering visitor management solution incorporates the ability for visitors to self-register and sign-in, take a picture, agree to the company’s non-disclosure agreement, and read barcode IDs on a desktop, wall mounted or freestanding unit. The self-contained kiosk will alert staff that their guests have arrived, reduce waiting time at reception desks and manage visitor lists.


Google attracts thousands of visitors to its facility sites around the globe every year. This ‘Tech tourism’ is a new phenomenon that has developed over the years whereby Tech Companies see visitors being attracted to a company’s site to embark on a kind of digital pilgrimage. As such, Google required a seamless visitor management solution the could cater for the hundreds of tourists that are attracted to its campuses around the globe only on a yearly basis.  It needed a secure system that could distinguish who was a temporary visitor to the site and who was the person responsible for the guest.  Due to the sheer numbers visiting the Google sites, a solution was required that could reduce administrative burden allowing for the front of house to have a more productive day overall. In addition, it was required that the responsibility would be transferred to the host for checking in the visitor and that information could be provided in advance in relation to the site visit.


To date, over 5 Million visitors have checked using 277 kiosks in 225 cities in 52 Countries. Customers, visitors and staff use our visitor management solution with ease and the only maintenance required are to occasionally change a printer roll. TDS Visitor provides Google with a comprehensive visitor management system that includes visitor registration and information, to visitor badge design and pre-printing. In addition facility, managers and security staff can access detailed reporting which allows for all on-site planning such as catering, parking and hospitality management. The electronic visitor management system was developed to secure your company’s facility and to enhance a visitor’s experience. Furthermore, it increases operational efficiency; visitors are pre-registered into the system and can be processed quickly and feel catered to.

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