12 Jun 2017

For their class attendance automation system, Hult International Business School selected the 3D touchless technology by TBS.

Hult International Business School provides a unique and innovative educational programme based on real market insight to their students all over the globe. Looking for a more efficient class attendance control system on their campuses, Hult took notice of TBS’s touchless, wireless connectable and hygienic 3D technology.

The initial project was originated in Dubai under the guidance of Ahmed El Banna, who said: “The main reason for Hult to select TBS was the reliability of the technology and the team behind it. Among many companies tested, TBS’s 3D technology has successfully proven to be reliable in identifying our most difficult cases. We were applying a system that wasn’t familiar to many companies and that is where TBS’s smart team and personalised customer service around the clock and around the globe came in handy.

We were also keen for a software that is easy to use and preferably on the cloud, which we found with TBS.”

School administration and students were impressed by how well the devices integrate into the school’s routine and architecture:

“The design of the 3D devices has fit our modern premises on Campus as if to measure, which was also an important selection criteria”, says El Banna.

The Hult team developed a wirelessly connected kiosk, placed at the entrance of each classroom, ensuring that all students sign in, even if they arrive late.

Globally connected
The installation on the Dubai campus served as a persuasive example to Hult’s other locations, spanning over 3 continents. Expansions to their London, Boston and San Francisco school sites were completed maintaining and synchronising the worldwide data in real time. Hult’s new attendance automation system can be extended to any additional location anywhere in the world at any time. This project was realized in collaboration with the Interflex partner NTS for installation in London and global support, Kratos for installation in the US and with the effort of the Hult teams in Dubai, London and the USA. The solution is scalable and can expand to cover other sites such as the Shanghai campus.

Product in use
The TBS 3D-Terminal is a threedimensional, contact-free fingerprint sensor, using three integrated cameras for its scanning process. TBS systems is designed in particular for high security and large user groups. It can be used with TBS BioManager software or integrated into any existing security software.

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