Tavcom launches Body Worn Video course

4 Jun 2019

Tavcom Training, part of the Linx International Group, has launched an online course covering managing and using Body Worn Video (BWV). The course takes about ten hours to complete and provides an introduction to BWV, practical use of the technology, besides guidance on policy and regulation.

As the Hampshire-based trainers point out, BWV is becoming commonplace for safety and security people working in areas such as guarding and eventing stewarding. It has also been embraced by many police forces in England and Wales, as part of their digital transformation. These mobile surveillance cameras have the potential to deliver information for use in investigations and submitting as evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to secure prosecutions. However, BWV needs to be fitted, used and managed correctly, to ensure the footage is admissible and the chain of custody is protected, Tavcom points out.

Sales and Marketing Director of the Linx International Group, Sarah Hayward-Turton, pictured, says: “Establishing a clear policy and sound operational practice ensures the benefits and capabilities of body worn video are maximised for full effectiveness as an incident management and personal safety tool.” Hayward-Turton adds: “This short yet comprehensive course is ideal for anyone that is considering, in the process of, or currently using body worn video for safety, security and law enforcement.”

The course covers: Understanding BWV concept and technology;· National (policing) guidance and standards;· Regulatory environment and BWV;· BWV Privacy Impact Assessments;· Privacy issues and mitigation;· Policy development· Practical use of BWV equipment;· Recording guidelines;· Evidential continuity; and· Professional standards.

The course costs £24.99 inc VAT. For more including a course preview and to buy, visit: https://www.tavcom.com/distance-learning-courses/body-worn-video.

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