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30 Apr 2012

  Taktis is a revolutionary new concept in Life Safety System Management. Beyond its capabilities as a very powerful and sophisticated fire detection and alarm system that is ...


Taktis is a revolutionary new concept in Life Safety System Management.

Beyond its capabilities as a very powerful and sophisticated fire detection and alarm system that is elegantly simple to use and understand Taktis is designed to deliver a wide range of other control and indication applications, with seamless integration to a building’s management system.

Easy-to-configure solutions

Taktis is the ideal management tool for building managers and service companies. This concept is devised to comprehensively answer market demands for simple-to-operate unified functions. Using some of the most advanced technology available, revolutionary new Taktis is designed to provide System Designers, Integrators and Service Companies with the ability to remotely access and comprehensively manage any system using intelligent analysis of data collected from those systems. The products and services offered under the Taktis brand provide easy-to-configure solutions for the most technically challenging applications in life safety.

Primarily based on a platform of fire detection and alarm system functions, Taktis has a very high degree of flexibility for rapid reconfiguration, enabling users to realise many other control and indication applications, with direct integration into intelligent buildings and remote interrogation of their systems.

Cost-efficient remote management

Taktis's remote management features offer particular cost efficiencies to users, with the merit of reduced fault-callouts, improved servicing regimes, more effective maintenance, reduction of unwanted alarms and improved overall service for system management. By employing the latest communication and analytical technologies, Taktis delivers benefits for users that can reduce costs, add value and improve service integrity.

Taktis product range

Taktis is a comprehensive range of control equipment, communication equipment and software products, with the power to produce the most complex configurations for the most demanding applications, including: Taktis Fire, an all new range of market leading Fire Control panels ranging from 2 loops to 16 loops; Taktis Net, with networking up to 128 nodes achieved on the new high integrity Taktis Net network bus; Taktis I/O, a new range of I/O modules for system expansion; Taktis Vision, the most versatile range of configurable annunciator panels available today for system status indication; Taktis Connect Media Gateway for data communication between any system and our dedicated server network; Taktis Configure provides a customisable configuration tool that can be tailored to specific customers, languages and loop protocols.

Virtual Resource suite of software

To add real value to service management, a comprehensive suite of Taktis Virtual Resource software based tools provides a complete systems management environment, including: VR Access, data access to all systems for assessment of performance, checking status and decision-making based on facts, not assumptions; VR Vault, a secure online document vault providing secure storage area for all system documents and files; VR Print permits review of the system event log via web browser from almost anywhere, and eliminates the need for panel mounted printers; VR Service, a complete service management utility for both the service provider and client with automated data transfer and browser accessible review.

Taktis is the new way to view, manage, service, and maintain fire detection and alarms systems while improving customer service, increasing efficiency and reducing waste. Taktis features powerful utilities that deliver tangible benefits for service providers and their customers through the intelligent management of real data from connected systems. With Taktis, Utilities Administrators can add and set up an unlimited amount of users and produce and customise an unlimited amount of site records. Simple plug-in installation and rapid configurable functionality now allow multi-path communications to remote servers in a powerful package distinguished by one over-arching concept... Taktis.


For product information: Kentec +44 (0)1322 222121 or visit www.taktis.co.uk

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