Staying Safe Day and Night! BANGKAEW Sub-district Secured by Brickcom IP Cameras

20 Oct 2014

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand; it has been Thailand's most populated area since its establishment as the capital city in 1782. The city right now has a population of over 8 million people. Meanwhile, Bangkok has around 16 million visitors per year, and is ranked the world's top destination city by international visitors in 2013. This fascinating city has become one of the “World’s Best City” since 2010 in the tourists' mind.

To care for the traffic condition and public security of the Bangknew sub-district, the Bangkok City Government deployed a high-quality and high-scalability IP-based video surveillance system for the 24hr traffic monitoring and emergency handling. This system consisted of 120 Brickcom FB-300Np IP cameras in the Bangknew sub-district to increase the effectiveness of city security and provide the citizens with a superior quality of life.

The FB-300Np fixed box IP camera is equipped with the SONY Exmor 3-megapixel image sensor, which is one of the key factors in delivering the impeccable crystal-clear Full-HD 1080p video both in the day time and the night time. With Brickcom's WDR Enhancement technology, the FB-300Np is able to provide the high-quality image even if there is glare, high contrast, strong backlight, or light reflection in the scene. Furthermore, with Brickcom's patented technology, FocusEasy®, the installers are able to focus the cameras more easily and faster via the help of the buzzer. The reliability and video quality of the Brickcom cameras provide the Bangkok City Government with great help in the traffic controlling, and enables the residents and visitors to enjoy a safer and more convenient city than before.

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