Scientific Production Association «Spectron» is leading Russian manufacturer of high-tech equipment to ensure the safety of facilities and citizens. For 17years, company has prod uced more than 200 items of general industrial and explosion-proof products: flame detectors, ma nual call points and remote start devices, thermal point detectors; thermal sleeves, thermobox, explosion-proof  video cameras, thermal imagers and infrared  projectors; light and light-sound sirens, horns, switch boxes and cabinets. Has representative offices in four largest cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk. Is a sales partner working in 46 cities of Russia and CIS. Conducts collaboration with leading design and assembly organizations in Russia, cooperation with the largest Russian developers of integrated security systems. Has more than 700 000 protected facilities in Russia, Kazakhstan and Netherlands.


T: +7(343)379-07-95

2 D
Lenina str
Berezovskiy town, Sverdlovsky region
Russian Federation

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