Sonim XP3340 Press Release

31 Jan 2012

Peoplesafe, The First to Launch Sonim XP3340 Sentinel Lone Worker Solution with up to 29 hours of GPS Tracking Time

Peoplesafe, The First to Launch Sonim XP3340 Sentinel Lone Worker Solution with up to 29 hours of GPS Tracking Time

Peoplesafe, experts in lone worker safety, has added the world’s toughest phone with the longest GPS tracking time to its product portfolio.

Built for life – the Sonim XP3340 Sentinel , a lone worker safety solution, provides users with the longest GPS tracking time of any mobile phone currently available.

Custom designed for vertical markets especially security guards, facilities management and manufacturing, the XP3340 Sentinel will keep mobile and fixed site workers safe while in isolated and hazardous environments.

" Peoplesafe and Sonim have collaborated for two years to ensure that the Sonim devices meet the exacting demands of this lone worker sector. We have seen an increase in demand for ruggedised phones and we are excited to be working with the leaders in this technology." Commented Ian Johannassen, Managing Director for Peoplesafe.

The XP3340 Sentinel also includes advanced and highly configurable man-down accelerometer technology. Configured over-the-air by Peoplesafe to match the end user’s specific work scenario, the man-down sensor is capable of detecting impact, free-fall, prolonged tilt and no movement at various thresholds. It has been field proven to detect specific risk events whilst maintaining false alarms. Fully configurable dedicated amber and green buttons enable the key safety functions such as requesting enhanced monitoring, sending a GPS location or call the Emergency Response Centre.

The phone also enhances safety by enabling calls under the worst conditions. With strong antenna performance, the industry’s longest battery life of up to 29 hours of GPS tracking time, the XP3340 Sentinel easily supports 16 hour shifts with GPS and 5 hours of talk time. Without GPS the XP3340 Sentinel provides 20-24hr talk time, with 800hrs standby. The XP3340 is also backed by an industry leading 3 year comprehensive warranty.

Ian Johannessen, Managing Director of Peoplesafe, said the phone was the only product on the market with all these capabilities, making it ideal for Peoplesafe’s lone worker clients who operate in extreme environments. The XP3340 Sentinel is an expansion of Peoplesafe’s current Sonim range.

Richard Waters, Principle Engineer at Lincolnshire County Council commented, " Our bridge inspectors always use their Sonim whilst out on a job. It gives them confidence that in a high risk lone working situation they can raise an alarm if needed. As a manager, it gives me peace of mind that if they have an accident we can quickly locate them and immediately assist them."

The XP3340 also has an active noise cancelling microphone and loud audio with a 23mm speaker, protected by a GORE vent, ensuring that life saving communications aren’t disrupted. The phone is also fully water submersible (IP-68 rated) MIL-810G certified and boasts enhanced usability with widely spaced keys and a higher resolution display which also contributes to dependability that saves lives.

" The Sonim XP3340 Sentinel will keep Peoplesafe’s clients safe and connected no matter where they are at all times. We are pleased to be first to market in the UK with this exciting new product." commented Ian Johannessen.

Combining the Sonim with Peoplesafe’s 24/7 monitoring centre will give employers peace of mind that their staff are being protected in even the harshest of working environments.

Notes for Editor:

Peoplesasfe is a fully managed lone worker safety system. Founded in 2004, the company has evolved to become the UK’s leading independent specialist in lone worker safety. Visit Peoplesafe’s website - www.peoplesafe.couk

Peoplesafe’s clients include major names like Argos, Halfords, Carphone Warehouse, Tata Steel, Premier Foods, Persimmon and Taylor Wimpy and leading car parking company Q Park. For further information, contact Caroline Harding at Peoplesafe on 01909 560912 or at [email protected]


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