Snyper-LTE Graphyte

SNYPER-LTE Graphyte is the premier product for logging of cellular signals from a fixed position within a local area, over long periods of time, in order to determine the most suitable mobile network operators(MNOs) to use for cellular communication. The device comes in a robust carrycase with accessories.

NOTE: This model works on European Frequencies only, it will not work in North America or in other parts of the world where European Frequencies are not present.

The Graphyte Functionality includes;
Logs continuous cellular surveys Number of surveys required is user selectable Interval polling is user selectable CSV and Graphical representation of results provides data for in depth analysis Time stamping of all survey detail liveSCAN allows selection of individual base-station signals in a fixed location Accessories: include chargers, omni-directional antennas, liveSCAN directional antenna with extension cable

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