SmokeCatcher is a reliable early warning system for smoke detection in critical indoor environments. By adding Araani’s proven & tested SmokeCatcher video analytics to your visual security camera, you can be sure of superfast smoke detection in places where traditional smoke detection systems fail.

Traditional smoke detectors have two problems:

  • They react too slow
  • They have too many false alarms
SmokeCatcher overcomes both problems!

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Araani E-Book

Araani E-Book

Fire incidents cost money. Even fire alarms – wanted or unwanted – cost money. But what if we told you that there is a technology that can dramatically reduce and even avoid these costs? This technology is called Video Smoke Detection (VSD).

Learn how Video Smoke Detection can protect your business and save money.

Conventional smoke detectors are not efficient in high-impact areas or in places where you can’t afford to interrupt your production process. Conventional detectors are either too slow or they generate too many unwanted alarms. Video Smoke Detection overcomes both problems.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How you can detect smoke and fire very early, so your company doesn’t run any needless risk
  • How you can prevent annoying and costly false alarms
  • How VSD allows your control room operators to make smarter decisions

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