MicroSense Solutions develop innovative, patented, microwave PID Systems that solve a variety of security and communication problems at critical installation boundaries, such as airports, power-plants or national infrastructure.

MicroSense's unique ground up digital design and “on-board analytics engine” embeds powerful digital signal processing into each or our sensor nodes this enables our systems to be taught and also to learn about their operating environment. Our systems can adapt to cope with environmental variance, everything from changeable weather conditions through vegetation disturbance to animal and bird intrusion can be learned by the system and acted on or ignored dependant on the requirement.

This unique approach has enabled us to drastically lower the nuisance alarm rate associated with many of the existing PIDS on the market, forming a safe reliable boundary detection system that can set up in hours, and will run stably for many year...

T: +44 (0)28 92626325

Suite 6 Davidson House,
Glenavy Road Business Park,
BT67 0LT
Moira, Northern Ireland
United Kingdom

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