Securing Dublin & Cork Airport with TDS Aviation Security Suite

20 Mar 2017


TDS Aviation Enterprise Security Management Solution was selected and installed at DAA, offering a highly stable, distributed intelligent access control. This tailored solution addressed the stringent and complex operational demands of a busy international airport, TDS Access operates a three-tier access control fail-secure solution protecting against host and database redundancy, communications redundancy and access point redundancy. Designed for flexibility the TDS Access solution was fully customised and configured to meet the unique requirements of Dublin Airport. As a leading security software developer and hardware integrator, TDS provides DAA with the confidence of a future proof system associated with working in partnership with a knowledge-based company. TDS are committed to continually developing their relationship with the DAA throughout the solution lifecycle to ensure security systems have the ability to respond to evolving security issues and that these systems continue to deliver layered value.


Handing over 27 million passengers in 2015 and operating flight services to North America, Europe, the Middle East, India and New Zealand, Dublin Airport is a renowned international airport serving Ireland’s capital city and beyond. A management company with over 3,600 employees in Ireland and overseas, the DAA is the airport management company responsible for the running this busy Irish airport. The esteemed aviation company aims to deliver a quality airport travel experience and operates to the highest international standards. A core component required by the DAA for site security and procedures is the ability to securely manage the movement of high volumes of people across the airport facility. DAA turned to TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd to supply and install a comprehensive enterprise security suite that could strengthen the aviation facilities security.


Dublin Airport now has a system which allows for the smooth and efficient flow of personnel through their facility, with enhanced safety and security. TDS has been working with DAA for over 10 years to secure all terminals, including the newly developed Terminal 2, which opened in 2010 and the new departure gate Pier E. As the management company for both Dublin and Cork Airports TDS has also been contracted by the DAA to secure and fit Cork Airport with the same secure hardware and software solutions. Since its initial installation, TDS has worked with Dublin Airport to develop a secure system in response to the DAA evolving security requirements, with TDS now offering a comprehensive access control solution. Today the system provides an integrated security solution that is continuously developed to help Dublin Airport operate more efficiently.

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