Sea-Ports Protection

14 May 2018

Less than 20 Magos Radars were installed in a high-traffic seaport in Latin America, replacing over 110 cameras and providing full coverage of critical areas.

According to a UN report, Maritime transport is essential to the world’s economy as over 90% of the world’s trade is carried by sea and it is, by far, the most cost-effective way to move mass goods and raw materials around the world.
Being a major entry point in any country or city, seaports warrant special attention when it comes to security. 

Most ports’ perimeters are protected today by a mix of indicative fences and video analytics which incur high installation and maintenance costs and generate a multitude of false alarms and in some conditions such as heavy fog or rain, simply do not function properly.

1. Magos SR500 radars – less 20 radars covered a perimeter of over 8KM. The radars detect up to 500m and cover 120˚ in azimuth and 30˚ in elevation giving best in class coverage of 60+ acres with a single sensor and no blind zones underneath the radar due to the wide elevation coverage.
2. PTZ Cameras – 7 PTZ cameras with laser illumination are auto-cued to all radar detections via our MASS control software
3.MASS Software integrates the radar’s detection with the PTZ cameras to follow the detected targets and Video Management Software (Octopus PSIM and Symphony VMS in this case). Any time a target is detected within an area of interest MASS generates an event in the VMS. MASS also integrates Magos’ breakthrough deep learning classifying to filter nuisance alarms.

Over 110 fixed FOV VMD cameras were replaced with less than 20 Magos Radars.  The cameras had limited capabilities in bad weather and lighting conditions as their cost including installation, maintenance and commissioning could exceed hundreds thousand dollars.
On the other hand, Magos radars operate in all weather conditions, providing full coverage of critical areas with a low false alarms rate and a fraction of the cost of any other perimeter solution.

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Farms Protection
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Farms Protection

Farms in South Africa have been exposed to intrusions for decades. So far, cameras and fences provide a partial solution only while Magos radars provide a full security package for meeting farmers' needs of perimeter protection. 

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