Rottguard Fire Systems Ltd

Rottguard Fire is a globally recognised manufacturer of fire suppression systems and supplier of products and services that protect people and critical assets from the dangers of fire. The direct acting low pressure (DLP) Rottguard fixed fire suppression system, is cost effective and manufactured at its facility to ISO 9001 2015, for the protection of electrical enclosures, server cabinets and fume cupboards. Rottguard DLP systems have been tested to LPCB LPS1666, for use in protecting defined spaces and by EXOVA Warrington fire on Class A, B and electrical test fires, in accordance with NFPA, AS ISO and I.S. EN standards. The system is CE marked and complies with 97/23/EC pressure equipment directive. DLP systems use HFC-227ea, a clean, non-conductive, colourless and environmentally friendly fire suppression agent, that leaves no residue and is safe for humans. It extinguishes flames primarily through heat absorption. The system operates automatically when the pressurized 6mm tube, attached to the storage vessel outlet valve and filled with the HFC-227ea extinguishing agent bursts, on exposure to flame temperatures in access of 80 deg.C, thus releasing the suppressant, orientated in the direction of the flames. Fires are extinguished at their source, thus generally only necessitating the replacement of individual faulty components within an enclosure and minimizing operating down time.  • Rottguard DLP fire suppression systems have been exported to countries across five continents and are known to have extinguished fires within electrical enclosures in Australia, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. • A diverse design capability, while upholding the highest level of fire protection engineering principles, is what separates Rottguard from our competition. • As authorised agents for Janus Fire, we use their advanced software, enabling Rottguard to perform the flow calculations for their clean agent and carbon dioxide fire suppression systems. • Our personnel are F-Gas registered and certified under the fluorinated gas and EC commission regulations and have the skill and expertise to design, install, service and decommission all fire suppression systems, including those with wet and dry extinguishing agents. • Being LPCB certified in fire detection, Rottguard have the skill and expertise, with over thirty years experience, to design, install and commission such systems, using Zeta fire detection equipment and their programming software, for whom it is an authorised agent.

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