RISCO Group provide high-end security at Cinema City Multiplex

20 Aug 2013

Multiplex Cinema City find perfect security solution with RISCO Group’s Integrated Solutions, enhancing the cinema experience for visitors.

The Challenge

Cinema City is a mega-multiplex that receives thousands of visitors each day and houses a wide variety of facilities. Cinema City therefore required a high-end security solution to effectively secure and monitor all areas of the site. One of the specific requirements was a high quality recording system that would record from the 40 cameras installed throughout the site. The system would have to enable security personnel to view events in real time, with simple search and playback of events after they’ve occurred. Also required was a solution that would enable control and quick opening of emergency doors on the premises. Furthermore, Cinema City is monitored 24/7 from a central control room by one of several security personnel who alternate, working in shifts. Therefore, the solution would have to be intuitive, centrally controlled, and easy to operate by multiple users.

The Solution

Cinema City chose RISCO Group’s flagship ProSYS Integrated Security System with integrated Access Control & Net DVR as the solution that met all requirements. RISCO Group’s Access Control system is applied to several dozen doors, managing the access of employees from Cinema City’s various facilities into the different areas of the site. Any deviation from normal procedures is reported immediately to the control room, allowing immediate action to take effect. SynopSYS Integrated Security & Building Management Platform was implemented to monitor & control the entire multiplex to monitor & control the entire mulitiplex as it converges security converges security, fire safety, video monitoring, access control, HVAC and other building

automation systems into a single, user-friendly interface located in the central control room. An automation was set up to trigger a camera when emergency doors are opened, enabling the security personnel to view live video and respond quickly and effectively.


RISCO Group’s ProSYS Integrated

• Security System with integrated Access Control and video were chosen to secure the Cinema City multiplex.

• ProSYS was selected for its reliability, simplicity and flexibility.

• RISCO Group’s Access Control system manages dozens of doors and hundreds of users across the complex, and additional users are added immediately as required.

• SynopSYS Integrated Security & Building Management Platform enables control and management of the entire site from a single user interface, enabling security personnel to respond quickly and effectively to events.

The Customer’s Point of View

Cinema City’s Security Director is pleased with RISCO’s total solution, and particularly values the wide range of features and capabilities. He noted that the ability to converge their different security and building management systems has helped to increase efficiency throughout the site.

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