Resuable Vs Single-Use Customer Example

5 Mar 2020

Our Reusable vs Single-Use cased study illustrates how much cost and environmental impact can be saved when choosing a Versapak Secure Solution. We even recycle the plastic seals, back into reusable security seals again. This is the most sustainable security solution you will find.

The Situation

Roughly half of plastic production is destined to become a single-use product and these products frequently end up in landfill, rather than being recycled.  Even when recycled, they are not altogether harmless! That’s why we want to highlight the difference you could make by switching from single-use polythene bags to Versapak Reusable Solutions.

If your business used 1 regular-sized, single-use polythene envelope every day for 5 years that would be enough to fill the ground of an entire football pitch. That’s a football pitch worth of single-use plastic heading to landfill or even worse, entering our oceans. Plastic takes decades to decompose and even the faster claimed biodegradable decomposition could be a problem as it merely breaks down plastic into tiny particles, harming the environment even more.

Our Solution

Versapak reusable, secure solutions are specially designed for storing and transporting cash and documents in a tamper evident manner. They protect items in a ‘chain of custody’ and their sustainable merits are based on the ability to reuse over and over again.

The Result

One organisation now benefits from using Versapak Reusable Mail Pouches that last over 2,000 times. “We use Versapak as it means less impact on the environment and we also gained financially”. This company’s previous cost for sending casework to and from their locations demanded two single-use bags costing 19p each.  The Versapak Solution was just 12.5p in comparison making a 35% cost saving and a near 100% environmental saving thanks to the reusability of our Versapak’s and the recycling of our seals.  In fact, we estimate that using just one reusable bag, we halt the disposal of 20 – 30kg of plastic in landfill, making a Versapak a sustainable solution for all businesses. 
We firmly believe it’s important to remove single-use plastic where we can and you can too.  Organisations are already seeking us out, looking for reusable solutions to reduce their impact on the environment. 

So whether it’s Red, Yellow or Blue, it’s always Green!

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