Reserve Bank of India maintains a healthy economy, enhances productivity with the communication backbone provided by Matrix

19 May 2017

Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited (BRBNMPL) is one of the subsidiaries and prints currency notes for Reserve Bank of India. BRBNPL was established by RBI for production of bank notes in India to bridge the gap between the supply and demand for bank notes in the country. BRBNMPL required a cost-effective communication system for expansion to cater its day-to-day communication needs.


Foremost requirement of the customer was to replace its Analog EPABX system with an IP PBX system with up to 900 users keeping in view their future requirement. There were many wear, tear and joints in old cabling system due to which customer was facing connectivity problems. They wanted to reduce use of PSTN line and upgrade it to VOIP and GSM technology as a cost-effective solution. They also required ten SPARSH VP248S - IP Phones for advanced IP features and IP cabling infrastructure for easy management of the system.

Matrix working along with regional channel partner – Royaltech Telesystems, West Bengal understood the requirement of the customer and delivered the solution with – ETERNITY LE IP-PBX and SPARSH VP248S IP Phones.

ETERNITY LE as an IP-PBX with Expansion Capacity up to 900 users
ETERNITY LE – The IP-PBX with Seamless Mobility and Universal Connectivity was provided as a solution to cater the expansion plans of the customer. ETERNITY LE can expand up to 1500 users making it a suitable solution for future requirements

In-skin GSM trunks for Outbound Calling
GSM trunks helps the customers to make outbound calls at lucrative rates as it is the most accessible and cost-effective technology. On the top of it, it is easier to manage as Matrix provides In-skin GSM with more than 8 years of experience in it, making it a single box solution.

VOIP channels for Concurrent Calling and Future-proof technology
VOIP technology enables the customer to make and receive phone calls through the Internet. It also provides investment protection because of a future-proof technology. It not only offers simultaneous calling but also provides options such as Mobility with Mobile Softphone and PC Client, SIP trunking for long distance calling, simultaneous ringing on phones and Multi-Locations Connectivity for future use.

Remote Management of all the Systems with Web based GUI
With the web based remote management feature, all the systems can be centrally managed by the IT administrators from anywhere through any device.

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