Reduce crime rates

12 Jun 2018

Criminality is an issue in every city, big or small. By setting up a mobile camera network police forces are now able to effectively reduce crime rates by identifying and catching perpetrators red-handed.

Like every big city, Hasselt (Belgium) has to face criminality and individuals disturbing the peace. The police force of Hasselt set up Mobiqams where they expected criminal activity, which helped them to catch perpetrators red-handed. Very much so that they were able to reduce crime rates by 22% within five years time.

“With Mobiqam we are not only able to increase the sense of security among inhabitants and visitors, a strong camera network is also a helpful tool for the police in solving crimes in the neighbourhood.” 

- Philip Pirard, Chief of Police of Hasselt

T: +32 11 49 45 49

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Kempische Steenweg 293/18

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